July 2011

Female Cyclist of the Day: Katharine Hepburn

July 17,2011
I shouldn’t be surprised that Katharine Hepburn enjoyed the liberating powers of cycling. After all, she was an accomplished athlete, even showing off some of her skills in the movie, Pat and Mike. (If you haven’t seen it, you should. It’s a great celebration of women in sports and even

June Highlights, Part Two

July 3,2011
I know it’s July, but I wanted to add one more highlight from last month. June 24: It seems that I’ve been strolling down Memory Lane a lot lately, first touching base with friends from Princeton and now seeing former colleagues from Scholastic. On Friday, June 24, a bunch of folks

Our of Order

July 1,2011
And out of luck, whether you're seeking to quench your thirst for water or proofreading expertise.