January 3,2014
I admit that I had to mentally scroll through my junior high grammar lessons to be sure the error on this sign truly was a mistake. But I was right. Can you find it? Seen near the corner of Lakeview Avenue and Merselis Avenue in Clifton, New Jersey.

Misspellings for Breakfast

August 10,2013
Continuing with the theme of menu mistakes, in my humble opinion this is one of the greatest misspelled menus of all time. If you count repeated misspellings and include the bottom line, which is partially cut off, you should find at least six typos. So thanks, Evergreen Restaurant in Lake

Up a Wall

June 22,2013
Take-out menus are proving to be an excellent source of misspellings. Maybe there's money to be made in menu proofreading. This menu, from the Europe Cafe & Grill in Tenafly, New Jersey, is just a little nuttier than it needs to be. But the hummus was terrific.

Don't 'Shoot' the Messenger

May 2,2013
I don't often turn to Chinese restaurant menus for misspellings because they can be easy targets. But this one invented a new word that has real charm. Quite accidentally, it's the second "steak"-related Misspelling of the Month in a row. So thanks to Empire Szechuan Village on Seventh Avenue, South,

A Meaty Error

April 12,2013
I found this misspelling on the financial Website, I think even Ron Swanson, the epic meat-lover of the hilarious TV show, Parks and Recreation, would have trouble eating a four-day steak. Then again, maybe not.