March 25,2011

If you’ve visited my Web site anytime over the last nine years, you’ve no doubt noticed that things have changed. The old site has undergone a complete visual overhaul, along with the addition of new features and the revision of some old ones. Although I loved the rich blue background of my original site, it seemed time to rethink how information was being presented, as well as to update the content. When I launched the original site in 2002, for example, neither Facebook nor Twitter existed, and though the word “blog” had been coined five years earlier, the concept was still somewhat foreign to me. (The blog on my old site was added a few years ago and never seemed to work right.)

In deciding to relaunch this site, I turned to Marty Ittner, the talented woman responsible for the design of all five of my books for National Geographic, including the stunning new one, Wheels of Change. I love the clean look of the pages Marty designed for this site, as well as the dynamic use of type and images. I asked her to explain her overall approach to the redesign. "I wanted to preserve the essence of the original site, which was friendly, engaging, and fun, just like you,” she said. “An author's page should be about words, but it's also about ideas and images. We settled on an airy typographic approach that interweaves the threads of your love of women's sports and history into the narrative, like the fabulous sepia print of Annie Oakley on the home page. The design needed to appeal to both adults and children, and I think it straddles that line beautifully.”

Now the site includes a blog, which you are currently reading and which I will try my best to update at least weekly. We’ve also added Sue’s News  to announce my upcoming appearances and other exciting developments. Plus the Other Work tab is a gateway to my work beyond books for kids and young adults, including curriculum materials, magazine articles, museum exhibits, and writing for adults. And within the Books section, you’ll find write-ups of my two newest books, Wheels of Change and my first picture book, Basketball Belles.

If you have questions or comments about my work, want to arrange a school visit, need help with a History Day project, or would like to order an autographed copy of one of my books, feel free to write. You can contact me directly by clicking on the Contact Me tab. You’re also invited to react to my blog posts by clicking on the word Comments and then having your say. Please do.

I’d love to hear from you.